Kimberly Williams

Copy Editor / Proofreader

About Kimberly

A self-proclaimed word nerd, Kimberly is our go-to for punctuation puzzlers and conjugation conundrums. Whether editing or writing, she loves tailoring copy to client guidelines and grammar rules to arrive at the most productive result. Kimberly has over 25 years of experience editing (in six languages) and writing for Orlando Sentinel, Orlando magazine, Disney, and major textbook publishers, as well as serving as Associate Editor for AAA. Kimberly has a magna cum laude language degree from Rollins College with three academic awards and is into kickboxing, mastering old-school video games, tackling super-hard crosswords in pen and trying (unsuccessfully) to master Jedi mind tricks. The Ohio native who grew up in Winter Park loves Disney parks and tries to make time each weekend to catch up with Mickey — and his newer friends from a galaxy far, far away.